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It was the last trial.
  He was right across from you, laughing maniacally, as all of his sanity was... was drained, right before you as he revealed himself as the Mastermind.
  How could you have not known?
  He had loved you, or at least you thought he had. 
  You heard him yell something about killing you all, but you could barely understand it in your confusion and disbelief.
  How could he have betrayed you?

  Here you were, standing in front of the new Hope Peak Academy, one step away from your life starting. You were Super High School level Actress, even though it felt like you read  more plays than being in them.

  You took one step in the school and then... you suddenly blacked out.

  Then, the next thing you knew, you were in a pitch-black, empty classroom. You maneuvered your way out of the room and walked into a white hallway. Where were you? The last thing you remembered was that you were walking into a school. Was this it?

  You snapped out of your thoughts as you bumped into someone and you fell down. You looked up at the man you bumped into. He... he was gorgeous to say the least. You kept staring, and you couldn't even hear him griping about how you didn't even say sorry and that you probably got dirt on his suit.

  You eventually snapped out of your trance as he snapped at you. You blinked a couple of times, then got up. "S-Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to, I was just thinking and I didn't see you." The man scoffed, crossing his arms. "Learn to be more careful." Then he started to walk away. You watched him walk away for a few seconds before catching up to him. "Sorry for bothering you again... but do you know where we are?" 

  There was his scoff again, like you were supposed to know where you were. "Imbecile, you're in the same school you entered when you blacked out. Where else could you be?" You were a little angered by him calling you an imbecile, but you put it past you. "But what happened while I blacked out?" 

  The man stopped then, with you halting just a little bit in front of him, turning to see his face. "... I don't know, but I am going to find out soon." And he walked off again, but this time you didn't follow him. Instead, you decided to look around on your own, and you found a gym, where other kids had gathered. They all looked just as scared as you did, so you didn't bother introducing yourself.

  Then, a few minutes later, you saw the gorgeous man walk through the gym doors, and you made eye contact with him, but he just walked in the other direction. 'Man, what a jerk.' You thought to yourself. 

  Not much later, you started to hear music, and suddenly, a black and white bear sprung from beneath a podium, and then... started talking. Talking about how you got here and how you were going to stay here forever... unless someone commits murder. You look around at everyone's shocked faces as the bear continued to talk about these "trials" and how you would have to figure out the murderer or you would be the one murdered. 

  And with that, the bear left. You sat down, telling yourself "This is not happening, This is not happening..." Other kids tried to find ways out, some kids lost it and were screaming and crying on the ground. Soon enough, they all left to scream in their rooms or find other ways out. You thought you were all alone in the gym then, but you saw that man standing next to you. 'When did he get there?' "What do you want? Can't you go agonize someone else?" You thought he would be offended by that little comment, but he only chuckled. 

  "No, I find you rather interesting. I think I'll stick with you for now." You sighed and got up, walking out of the gym, with him following you, all the way back to your room, in really, really awkward silence. Once you got to the door, you opened it, but you didn't go inside. You instead turned around and looked up at the man. "Who are you?"

  The man just smiled. "You can refer to me as Togami, if you must." You mumbled your name, then asked, "And your Super High School Level?" He scoffed, obviously offended. "Could you not tell? I am the Togami Heir." 'Oh right, his family owns practically everything, so he must be loaded.' "So your Level is an heir?" "Yes, and I'm sure that's much better than whatever yours is."

  You didn't put that comment past you this time, scowling at him and going into your room, slamming your door behind yourself. Who did he think he was saying that he was better than you? 

  The next day, you ignored him, instead hanging out with some of the other kids that looked nice, and they were. You talked with the kids like Chihiro and Ishimaru, until that bear was on the TV. He told you and the other kids to go to the AV room, as he had a motive for you. 

  You all hesitantly did as he said, and you were shell-shocked as you saw what was on your screen. You home theater, ripped to shreds, your fellow actors and actresses dead on the stage. You couldn't help but scream and turn the computer off, hiding your face in your hands. 

  Your new friends came over to you, holding on to you, trying to make you calm down, but you just couldn't. They just took you to your room and left you alone for the night there.

  And soon enough, the next morning, one of them was dead. And someone among your classmates was the killer. 

  Then, one of the kids had the audacity to stand up to the bear, and you saw her killed right in front of you. 

   Other kids searched for clues as you stayed in your room, which seemed like your only safe place now. But soon, you heard a knock at your door. You got up after a couple of seconds and opened the door, shocked to find Togami, of all people standing at the doorway. He looked embarrassed, looking down at the ground.

  Your surprise quickly became anger as he stood there longer. "What do you want?" You spit out. He mumbles something you can't quite understand, and you ask him to speak up. "I just wanted to see if you were okay..."

  You look surprised to say the least. The guy who was a total jerk to you now is seeing if you're okay? It just didn't seem possible. "What do you care?" He didn't seem to like that response, as his embarrassment goes away and he growls, "Well, fine!" And he storms away, grumbling about 'This is what I get for being nice to people..'

  You just roll your eyes and go back inside. A few hours later, the bear announces that it's "trial" time. It goes by in a flash as Leon is discovered as the culprit, and his death is downright gruesome. You can't even look at that someone who used to be your friend. 

  Everyone went to bed silently that night, and the next morning everyone was exploring the new floor that was opened up. You didn't go in the group, you caught up with them a little while after, and the first place you noticed was the library.

  You looked around at all of the books, finding the play section rather easily. But you saw someone near you as you were getting your favorite play of all time down from the shelves.

  Of course it was him but you ignored him as you sat down at a table next to him. The silence got to you quickly, so you spoke up. "Actress."

  He looked up from whatever he was reading, a quizzical look on his face. "What?" You didn't look up from your book. "My Level, it's actress. I guess you can say it is worse than being a heir." He didn't answer, only asked what you were reading. You smiled as you held the book up so that he could read the title, Romeo and Juliet. You explained how you were Juliet once, and how she was your favorite person to play, from her first line, to the double suicide at the end. 

  As you were explaining, you could have swore you saw a smile on his face, as if he knew this already. But once you looked back at him, the smile was gone. There was silence again, and you were the one to break it once again. "I'm sorry for snapping at you yesterday. You were trying to be nice to me and I... I was wrong." 

  He did smile then, more of a smirk than anything and nodded, not adding a snarky comment with it. 

  He then talked about his book, and after that, everything was easier with him. You sat with him at breakfast, read with him, and talked with him. Your relationship seemed to be going great as until the second murder. Your dear friend, Chihiro, was dead. Togami was one of the first to see the body, and alerted everyone, and as soon as you saw the body, you ran to Togami first, hugging him, crying into his chest. You didn't really care that this was the first physical contact you had made with him, you just needed someone there for you.

  And he didn't gripe that you were staining his clothes. He actually held you close to him. He eventually got you out of that room and into yours instead, telling you that he was going to investigate and he would be back soon, leaving after that.

  You just sat on your bed, Chihiro's dead body floating in your mind. But Togami came into your thoughts as well. He didn't push you off as you were crying. He took care of you. Why? And why did you run to him first? You didn't... No... You were lost in your thoughts, but soon, he was back.

  He sat on your bed, next to you. "... Are you okay?" You only replied with, "Did you find out anything?" He shook his head. You looked around, sighing. You mumbled, "Do you think we'll die this time...?" And he heard it, and he sighed. "Maybe."

  You looked up at him, "Can you answer something for me?" "What is it?" "Why are you being nice to me?" He only smiled then, leaning down and kissing your forehead, and your face went red as can be. "I think you can figure it out."

  You were about to say something else, when the bear came on the TV, telling everyone that it was trial time. You got up, walking down to the elevator with him, and right before getting in, you tugged on his arm, pulling him down, and kissing him, saying it was just in case.

  And the trial went by in a blur, Mondo was discovered as the culprit, and Ishimaru was heartbroken to hear that his brother was a murderer. 

  The execution was too much to handle, so you went to Togami, and he held you until t was over, guiding you back to your room. 

  Togami sat next to you on the bed again and it was quiet for a while, until he leaned down and kissed you, smiling. "At least we're alive."

  And you two stayed alive, stayed together, sharing kisses and hugs, the murders and trials went by, and it got... normal. 

  That is, until the final trial.

  The last floor was accessible now, and there was even a auditorium, where you performed a few monologues and soliloquies for Togami, and he enjoyed them. 

  He even practiced new ones with you, getting on stage and helping you memorize lines.

  It was heaven without any murders happening. That was, until one day, you two were strolling through the garden, talking about books and going over even more lines.

  And you almost walked right into a body.

  You screamed and walked away from it, running out of the garden, getting away from that body.

  Togami came to comfort you, telling you to wait out there while he investigates, and soon everyone who remains comes running. 

  Soon, there's a trial. But this trial, it doesn't go by fast.

  Soon, they all start suspecting Togami. You start countering, but... the evidence they have is something that you can't counter.

  Soon, the only thing Togami can hear is you, looking sad, your voice barely audible. "Was it... you?"

  He looks down... and he nods. 

  And it's not Togami who looks up. It's someone else, laughing, saying how they figured it out, they figured out that he was the one who ran this school, who captured you all here, he was the one who set up all these murders.

  You scream out, "Why? Why would you do this?"

  And it's not your Togami who answers.
"Because I wanted to see you all suffer."

  And then, he goes on to say how he's ready to be killed, but you intervene, you don't know why you did, but you felt like you couldn't go on without him.

  "I want to die with you."

  He stops laughing there, looking at you, and then he smiles.

"Sure, Juliet."

  And then there's a claw grabbing you both behind bars, onto a table, where there are two vials. 

  He tells you that they're poison. How you can die as Juliet.

And he can die as your Romeo.

  He looks down at you, the last of Togami fading away. 

  You grab the bottle and he grabs his, and right before you pour the poison in your mouth, you feel Togami, YOUR Togami, kiss you. 

  And then, before you know it,

You're both dead.

But I'm insanely proud of it.
I poured four hours of work into this one.
Please tell me if there's any mistakes!!! c:
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Irony, my English class finished Romeo & Juliet last week. I got to be Juliet when she died and was Romeo during the balcony scene. As a small major in English/writing I just want to say I'd give it like a 5 or 6/10. The language itself was a bit annoying.
But I'd like to say is that I LOVED IT! <3 Beautiful work!
Dxspairity Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Student General Artist
Ohmygosh the ending
YumikoMichaelis Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Student General Artist
*sob* this is the greatest better then anything I've ever written
YumikoMichaelis Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Ten billion times better
Kimuko-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Why did I read this? I don't even like Togami lol.
This is still beautiful, nonetheless ~
Cierrakahana Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Props to you man
Ishigundamaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
thanks man
Cierrakahana Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Yip, appreciate that you kept him in character in the fact that he's kind of an arrogant douche bag but you still made him somewhat sympathetic a lesser writer would've made him just overly sappy romantic
lucarioniteofAPH Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
It's extremely beautiful. I've tried writing for this guy and it sucked because he was too OOC XD but you kept him in character and it was easier for me to read than other stories.
Ishigundamaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
omg his prissy butt is so hard to keep in character
CreativeCanidae Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I-I don't know how I got here, but it's beautiful from start to end.
Ishigundamaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
So sorry for the late reply! But thanks lmao 
CreativeCanidae Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
np lol :^)
Fiaher Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
   The first thing that caught my eye was the title, I was confused as to what the "Be my Juliet?" Meant and I thought it was just another one of those stories that have nothing to do with Romeo and Juliet. From the middle to around the time "I" was talking about being IN Romeo in Juliet, I thought that was the case. I was expecting some tragedy towards the end and yada yada I thought it was going to be wayyy to sappy for a Mastermind!Togami, but you surprised me. I'm impressed with the idea that you took a spin on the classic ending on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It was completely new and unexpected and I look forward to more of your twists and turns in future stories.
  The other thing that I noticed was you kept Togami's attitude on point of his usual character, which is outstanding. Most people think masterminds are crazy people who yell their plans at the protagonists whenever they get the chance, but you let Togami be the best kind of crazy Mastermind, the one that leads you on as the most trustworthy character right until the very end. Which I also adore, mostly because it just completely shocks you and leaves the readers with a feeling of wanting more.
  The details were outstanding. You made sure that there wasn't just the repetitive She said, He said, They said, format, and I love that. The whole idea of keeping their movements fluid and as non robotic as possible is always the best way to go.
Another thing that is impressive was Togami's choice of words, he's obviously very wealthy, as we all know, and he has quite the vocabulary, which you kept true to. The overall choice of words for this is advanced yet comprehensible.
  Last thing I want to talk about is how you characterized "me". I personally love the realistic actions of this "me" character. For example, when someone dies, who's going to want to get beside the body and investigate? No one sane that is, so yeah, thank you for not making "me" go near those nasty corpses, holla at you. The "me" character is very relatable and that is especially good for when that character is literally supposed to be "Me".
  Ty for the nice read and holla at you bb cakes
Ishigundamaru Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
mckinsey i love you <3
Fiaher Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OuO Aye yo anything for a homie
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